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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hot: Get Unlimited Data,Airtime and SMS on MTN with "GetQuick Xpress"

This 2018, Mtn has introduce a free unlimited data to browse all web page and calls to call any networks  and SMS to all networks.
This has been the best offer from in the being of 2018. So hurry up before this offer end.

Step To Activate
To Activate, visit the below link
To activate "GetQuick Xpress" for N400 only, which give 5GB, valid for 30days and 12hrs,30mins for voice call and also 30pages for Sms, which is valid for 7days

To activate "GetQuick Xpress" for N700 only, which give 10GB, valid for 30days and 35hrs, for voice call and also 100pages for Sms, which is valid for 30days

To activate "GetQuick Xpress" for N1500 only, which give unlimited browsing, no data cap, and also valid for 90days and unlimited credit, for voice call and also unlimited  SMS, which is valid for 90days

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Free:Get 36GB Data+N15,000 Airtime on Airtel NG for 6 Months

Did u know you get free 36GB of data + N15,000 airtime. You can get it when you buy a Fero 1801 phone from Airtel Store for just N6,000 only.
The official statement was made on their Facebook page on 09/nov/2017;

“Get 36GB data + N15000 airtime over 6 months when you get a Fero 180/1 phone for just N6000! “Click on the link to find an Airtel store near you and grab this deal today! FindAnAirtelStore #AirtelSmartDeals”

How to Activate the 36GB Data + N15,000 Airtime on Airtel network
To activate the data and airtime follow the procedures below:
Firstly, Locate any nearest official Airtel store around
you, or find one nearest to through Here.

Buy one of the Fero 1801 phone and insert an Airtel SIM and you will automatic get your 36GB of data + N15,000 airtime that is valid for over 6 months.

That's all, very easy and simple.
Kindly comment below and share this post with your
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Friday, 3 November 2017

Free: Send Message Free On Mtn Sim Free (Tested and Comfirmed)

Do you know that you can now send message without credit on your MTN Sim, Many people have been using this trick almost like 2-3 Month which work for them. Now I'm here to share with you the Mtn free message trick.

How Does It Work
Goto message on your phone, type your message.
After typing your message then firstly type this 38708 follow by the receivers number

E.G "3870808198653256" then send.

Comment below if it work for you
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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Free:Glo Announces October 31st, as Glo Free Data Day

Globacom the Grandmaster of data has decided again to give their subscriber the third free data day, which will hold on October 31st, 2017. Glo has been doing this to acquire more subscribers to their network because this is the third time they are doing this. So to qualify for this Bonus Offer just, ensure you do either of the following 

Use N150 or more on voice calls PLUS 100MB or more of data
Use N250 or more on voice calls.

This Bonus offer is open to All Glo customers who meet the set threshold will enjoy 200MB, plus free chatting on WhatsApp all through the day.

“According to Glo: "All Glo customers can now enjoy a whole day of free data when they meet set of voice and/or data usage threshold within 7 days to the free data day”

If you meet the above requirements, you will receive an SMS, Congratulating you for the free data day.
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Hot Offer:Buy Glo Jumbo Sim, Get Everyday Bonanza And Free Data Day Bonuses

Glo has now add another two extra bonanza apart from the existing bonanza which is Glo Free Data Day. Globacom has announced new bonanza packages namely Glo Everyday Bonanza, Glo Jumbo SIM.  Glo has make is itself the best when comes to Bonus aspect, but the need to work on their network coverage.
How To Join the Offer
Get your Jumbo SIM for N100, you will automatically get an airtime value of
N200,000 pre-loaded on it, and will be activated as soon as the subscriber recharges his or her phone.

Glo are even ready to splash out
50 LED TV sets every Monday (a total of 750 TV sets) to any 50 lucky Glo subscribers, & 4G LTE enabled Smartphone’s every Tuesday to any 150 subscribers (a total of 2250 4G LTE phones), g
Generating sets every Wednesday to any 100 subscribers (a total of 1400 generating sets), 100 Refrigerators to any subscribers on Thursday ( a total 1400), 200 Microwave ovens to any winners every Friday ( a total of 2800 microwaves), while Saturdays will see 650 lucky subscribers go home with 4G LTE Mifis (a total of 9100). Sundays will witness the epic giveaway as Glo will be giving out one Hyundai Accent to a lucky subscriber every Sunday (a total of 14 cars).
The offer is available to new and existing Glo subscribers.

To be eligible, you need to recharge everyday with N100 and above to stand a chance of winning any of the available items for that day for prepaid customers while for Post-paid subscribers, all they need do is use up to N100 daily to qualify.

Enjoy the Offer while it last
Don’t forget to share to your friend
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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

New:Glo Introduce Super SMS with Text, Sound and Pictures

Glo has come with another amazing feature called Super SMS which allows all their customer to send text messages using sound and also tag some pictures at normal SMS rate charged.

Features of Glo Super SMS
    Ø  You can insert recorded voice message in your SMS
    Ø  Use from numerous backgrounds provided
    Ø  Use emotions to express your feelings

Note: Glo has given their customer to take 3 weeks free Demo in enjoying their new Super SMS and after the free 3 weeks, you will be charged at normal SMS rate.

How does it work?

To get started with this feature, Just follow the few steps below.
Text "SUPER" as SMS to 7767 using your GLO line and then download the required application for just N100
After downloading the application, you will enjoy 3 weeks free and after each Super SMS you send will be charged at normal SMS rate.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Amazing Offer:Airtel 20X Recharge Bonus– Turn N100 to N2000, N200 to N4000

Airtel has now come with another amazing and unbeatable offer which splash out (20x)times the value of your recharge, to their New and Existing Prepaid Customer, which can be use to call, text (all networks) & also browse the Web. After their latest hot offer highlighted SmartConnect 8x tagged as Ovajara, 100% Double Data Bonus, SmartRecharge.

See below the how it Work

Recharge N100 to get N2000, where #500 only can be used for calls, and remaining #1500 for data.
Recharge N200 to get N4000, where #1000 only can be used for calls, and remaining #3000 for data.
Recharge N300 to get N6000, where #1500 only can be used for calls, and remaining #4500 for data.

To activate the bonus on your Airtel Sim, Simply recharge with your preferred bonus amount, Then dial *241# then choose your preferred plan.
Enjoy your Bonus
Kindly share!

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Airtel New Offer - SmartRecharge Gives 10x Bonus On Both Data and Calls

Hi folk, I know that you have been enjoying your Airtel double 100% data Offer, SmartConnect 8x.
But Recently, Airtel launch a new package called Airtel SmartRecharge for New and Existing customer. Which means everyone is eligible for this offer.
With SmartRecharge also tagged as #DoAnyhow, Subscriber is entitled to 10x more bonus on both Call, which can be used to call all network and also on Data, to browse and download the Net.

See how it work below
For example, If you recharge 100 you get  500 for calls, and also 500 for data.
For example, If you recharge 200 you get  1000 for calls, and also 1000 for data.
For example, If you recharge 500 you get  2000 for calls, and also 3000 for data, plus extra N3000 for data.
For example, If you recharge 1000 you get  2500 for calls, and also 7500 for data, plus extra N7500 for data. And so on

See below the activation code to get started
Note: Don't use this code *126*PIN# you will not get the offer, But use *220*rechargePIN# and your bonus will be given to you immediately.

Happy Bonus

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Friday, 6 October 2017

How To Share Data/Megabytes On Glo Network

If you have been looking for how to share your Data/Megabyte(MB) to your Friend and your love ones on your Glo Sim, This is the right solution for you. Now with Glo subscriber have the opportunity to transfer their credit and data to their loved ones. To cut the stories short see below the Procedures

Step by Step On How  to share Your Glo Data Plan
With this process Glo user can easily share their data plan with friend and others, but to share your data you will need to know the phone number of the  recipient you want to share your data with.
This Process is in Two (2) Format
1.   USSD
2.   SMS
1. USSD Format
Just dial *127*01*Phone No of the recipient#, For example dial *127*01*08058764567#
2. SMS
 Send “Share “Recipient No” to 127.   For example Send Share 08058764567 to 127

Bonus Tip: You can check the No of users currently using your data plan. Just  dial *127*00#. Or Use the Alternative of sending “List” to 127.

Bonus Tip: You can also remove any users currently using your data plan. Just  dial *127*02 “No of User”#. E.g  *127*02*08056574567# or use SMS By Sending “Remove Phone No” to 127

Bonus Tip: How to Check Your Glo Data Plan Balance 
To check your Glo data Plan Status, Just dial *127*0# or Send "info" to 127 as an SMS.

Enjoy your Browsing
Happy Browsing!

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Friday, 22 September 2017

How To Get Airtel 3gb With 200 With Speedo Settings

Do you know that you can get 3GB of data, not only but also get N1000 airtime to call all network with jus N200. Airtel has made it happen. Airtel one of the Top communication networks in Nigeria offering cheap internet access to their subscribers. Now offer 3GB worth of data for just N200 on Airtel Speedo Subscribers.

Note: This offers is not for all Airtel Subscriber
To subscriber for this offer
1.  Recharge  N200 Airtime
2.  Then dial *241#
3.  Select 200
It gives you the Accumulated 3000Mb Data Cap volume
approximately 3Gb..

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Free: How To Get 9mobile Youtube Streaming Data Bonus

Have you caught wind of this message from 9mobile formally Etisalat said: Enjoy free YouTube streaming from 1AM-5AM every day. This is one of the free data plans introduced by 9Mobile recently. This "Free YouTube Streaming", was intended for the individuals who normally purchase monthly plans.

Procedure To Get Free Youtube Streaming Data

To get this free YouTube 2GB Bonus, you should purchase any of 9Mobile month data plans from N500 above. To be qualified since the offer is not accessible to every one of the 9Mobile customers. dial *228# to check your data balance and know if you have it.
Note: You will given 2GB and can be utilized to stream YouTube alone from 1am to 5am for free daily.
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This article will demonstrate to you how to share your gift data with your friend and family. It might not be newer to some of my folks that when you top up your Glo Sim Card with +#1 to any amount e.g N100 to be N101, N200 to be N201 and so on. on glo directly from your bank account you are entitle to  a lot of bonuses.

Part of these bonuses is a fixed amount of gift data that you can not use on your own, but you can share it with friends and family on the glo network.

Step by step instructions to Share Gift Data

Simply dial *606# and follow the prompt.
You will be asked to select amount of gift data you wish to share. You will likewise be required to supply the mobile number of the person you intend sharing your gift data with.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Promo:9Mobile Gives You N10,000 Bonus for 30days

The new 9mobile that is formally known as Etisalat is now offering their customer a free N10,000 Awoof bonus valid for 30days (One Month). This amazing Awoof package work for both new and existing 9mobile network users.
For new only customers will be entitled to (10x) times the
value of any recharge daily for voice calls and data to all networks in the first month.

Why an existing customer, will get (7x) times the value of your first recharge daily for voice calls to all networks for (One Month) 30 days.

See code below to Activate

To get started with this bonus, Just dial *819*1#

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Free:Browse and Call Unlimited with Glo

The grand master of data Glo has set a day aside for free browsing to surf, download, stream, not only but also unlimited call to all networks which is on September 28 for FREE DATA DAY. With this amazing offer Glo has been making their subscriber to browse and call freely.

Step to Qualify for this Offer
To qualify, Just use N250 on voice calls to enjoy in a week to enjoy a day of free data.

Bonus Tip:How to Share data to another Glo SIM
To share your data to your friend and love ones, Just dial *777# & select share data insert recipient Number.

Bonus Tip: To check bonus on Glo SIM, Just dial #122# to check data & credit bonus.

Bonus Tip:To Get credit bonus on Glo dial *600#.

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Thursday, 7 September 2017


Recent MTN reintroduced their Compensation Bonus that’s in form of Airtime bonus or Data bonus. The bonus is meant  for MTN users with Incomplete SIM registration. So if you know that Your SIM registration is Incomplete, visit any Mtn customer care center to complete  your SIM registration process to get your own offer, dial*559*40#.  
Note: You need to complete your SIM registration process before the bonus can
work for you.
But if it work for You may be given 1000Mb which is (1GB) or  N2500 worth of Airtime to call all Networks
Beware: This offer is not for all Mtn SIMs; bonus is only for SIMs with incomplete registration. If you dial *559*40# and you receive a negative
below, it means you are not eligible for this offer.
You need to complete your SIM registration before you can entitle to this bonus.
This bonus is valid for 7 days.

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Recent MTN introduce their Double your data bonus, that allow all their customer to get 2X the data they subscribe. But now I'am here to share with you the recently introduce double your data plan bonus launched by Airtel for their subscriber.
Beware: It may not work on all Sim Card and also this offer is not applicable to all data plan.

See below the applicable data plan
Dial Code Below To Subscribe
 *144#,  If you receive positive reply, it means you are eligible for the offer. But if you receive a negative reply, it means you are not eligible. Select 1, 2, 3, 4 in order of your preferred plan.
1. 500mb for N200 valid for 3days
2. 1.85gb For N500 valid for 14days
3. 3.75gb for N1,000 valid for 30 days
4. 8.75 For N2,000 valid for 30 days
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