Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Turn Your Android Phone To A Pc (100% Working), See detail

Unbelievable as you can Now run Windows app on your Android device with the help of wine. Wait, what really is wine if i may ask? Now let me enlighten you on what wine is all about.

The word wine here is not that of drinking rather it is a popular software that enables users to run Windows apps on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. The app is developed by codeweavers.
Now that you have understand what wine is all about let's continue with the broadcasting of the good news.

Wine has released a version that will let android device user to run windows App just like Linux does. Codeweavers, which makes the Wine app, has announced the stable release of Wine 3.0 for Android. This feature has been under development for a long time now.

In order to install Wine, users need to first of all download Wine 3.0 here . Users need to download either 'wine-3.0-arm ' or 'wine-3.0-x86 ' and not the release candidate ( rc ) APKs. Once installed, users will get a full-screen Windows display, including a Start menu, and support for audio and basic graphics.

Since Wine is a compatibility layer it does not fully support smartphones with ARM processors and instead works well with x86 Android handsets. For smartphones with ARM processors, only apps that are ported to Windows RT work well. See list of such apps here .
However, there could be some limitations right now with the newly updated app. As per Android Police, the app opened on a OnePlus 5T smartphone but crashed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S, and froze on a Google Pixel handset.


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could i use this app on my tecno spark?

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